Saturday, July 9, 2011

Closing the gaps between Plans, Actions and Outcomes

Author Stephen Bungay, in his book The Art of Action offers the following actions to close the gaps between Plans, Actions and Outcomes:
  • "Decide what really matters" - Forget about developing the perfect plan.  Use the available knowledge to target the best possible outcomes.  Make your strategy 'The Commander's Intent' rather than a plan.
  • "Get the message across" - Tell your Sailors, Chiefs, officers and civilians the results you seek and why they matter.  Keep things simple.  Don't overwhelm your command with instructions.
  • "Give your people space and support" - Nobody can predict future outcomes.  Encourage your command to be adaptable so that they always work to achieve your main goals.  Let them operate freely within broad boundaries.

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Anonymous said...

That write up makes it sound like he interviewed retired Vice Admiral Al Konetzni and wrote a book about it. Thanks for sharing.