Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Information Warfare Officer Flag Meeting


In response to numerous queries about the Information Warfare Officer Flag meeting earlier this month, Tim Bovill, RADM Edward H. Deets' Executive Assistant has prepared the minutes for this meeting.  RADM Deets was the sponsor of the Flag Meeting, as the Information Warfare Officer community and cryptologic community leader until his retirement on 5 August.  Tim Bovill is the POC for queries about the minutes of this meeting. 

The meeting was held at Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet.  All IWO Flags (except RDML Tighe) and Senior Executive Service civilian IW/CT leaders were in attendance.  VADM Kendall Card, the new DCNO for Information Dominance/Director of Naval Intelligence was also in attendance for the morning session.  Topics of discussion included: cross-detailing, the IWO slating process, the four topics from RADM Deets' April communique to the community, future community leadership and a myriad of other subjects important to the future of the community.   

EVERYONE is reminded that if they have questions, they can contact their IW leadership directly for official information regarding the Information Warfare/cryptologic communities.  You are encouraged to do so.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

One who looks on the dark side of things.

One who looks on the bright side of things, or takes hopeful views.

Which one are you???


Anonymous said...

Maybe they will talk about cutting some Flags...we (the Navy) has WAYYYYY too many Flag Officers.

Anonymous said...

FYI, ADM Greenert, the PCNO stopped by and spoke to the group for a moment. He mentioned that the N2N6 'experiment' was a great idea who time had come and that he would continue to move that forward.

Anonymous said...

I see the censor is at work. Bad form.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they quickly act on whatever they decided and disseminate as much information about this meeting as possible. Unfortunately, if there is one thing Cryppies aren't good at, it is sharing information.