Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cryptologic REVIVAL !! Revised Fleet Cyber Command (FCC) Mission Statement

To serve as central operational authority for networks, cryptologic and signals intelligence (SIGINT), information operations (IO), cyber, electronic warfare (EW) and space capabilities in support of forces afloat and ashore; to direct Navy cyberspace operations globally to deter and defeat aggression and to ensure freedom of action to achieve military objectives in and through cyberspace; to organize and direct Navy cryptologic operations worldwide and support IO and space planning and operations, as directed; to execute cyber missions as directed; to direct, operate, maintain, secure and defend the Navy's portion of the Global Information Grid; to deliver integrated cyber, IO, cryptologic and space capabilities; to deliver global Navy cyber common operational picture; to develop, coordinate, assess and prioritize Navy cyber, cryptologic and SIGINT, space, IO and EW requirements; to assess Navy cyber readiness; to manage man, train and equip (MTE) functions associated with Navy component commander and Service cryptologic commander responsibilities; and exercise administrative and operational control of assigned forces.

Ser DNS-33/11U228501
24 May 2011


Anonymous said...

Information Warfare is a dead term. IW now stands for Irregular Warfare. Is it only a matter of time before we go back to being Cryptologic Officers? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some fine people who I once served with help write this. I should have mentored them better so they could have written something that wasn't utterly unreadable. I smell lawyers and turf battles!

Maybe the can work on an executive summary of their mission statement.

6440 Captain said...

Great stuff. Glad to see some of RADM Singer's ideas come back into vogue.

Anonymous said...

We might be lost but we are making great time!


Anonymous said...

Was Yogi Berra a Cryppy?

Steve said...

Will our officers now be elegible for assignments to command at sea?(Thst is THE brass ring/raison d'etre for Line officers, no?)