Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Future Navy Submariner is Already a Rockstar in Her Own Right

Peggy S. LeGrand (cyclist) stands on podium - SPOT #1
Much will be said and written about the women who will soon join the Navy's submarine force.  Some of these women will let their actions do all the talking.  One of these action oriented young women is Ensign Peggy S. LeGrand.  She doesn't need a male protector, special attention, waivers or favors to succeed.  This young woman is a nuclear rockstar in her own right.  A June 2010 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, she has been working tirelessly on a number of activities.  She's made the time to continue her semi-professional career as a world class cyclist.  She's also an incredibly talented academic.  She completed her Master's Thesis (ELECTROCHEMICAL STUDIES OF PASSIVE FILM FORMATION AND CORROSION OF FRICTION STIR PROCESSED NICKEL ALUMINUM BRONZE) for an M.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering in June 2011 at the Naval Postgraduate School - Monterey, California.  This young woman has "over-achiever" written all over her.  You know what favor she really needs from the Nay Sayers?  She needs for them to get the hell out of the way.  She has work to do.  Try to keep up.  It won't be easy.  She's already started the breakaway and you just woke up from your nap.


Anonymous said...

Navy women rock !!

Anonymous said...

"She's made the time to continue her semi-professional career as a world class cyclist."

USNA straight to NPS will enable that.

And I thought only USNA football players were treated special...

Can you spell ENTITLED and PROTECTED?

Honestly hope she can hold her own once she begins working for a living.


Rubber Ducky said...

I would only note that the KOG would be upset with her cycling hobby. But he wasn't right on everything, only Rickover on everything...

I've advocated women in submarines for years (see Proceedings February 2000 pp. 26 - 30), glad to see it happen, believe it will improve the Submarine Force.

The best exemplar of the value of females aboard warships is the US Coast Guard. Those (there are many holdouts, though mostly retired submariners who may not have been so hot themselves when on active duty) who predict disaster and a plague of toads from putting women into submarines have it on them to explain why two-gender crews have worked so well in the other Sea Service that works the hardest and spends most of its time at sea.

Anonymous said...

@LCDRLDO/6440 -

She completed her Masters Thesis while she was at USNA. These 'kids' are intelligent and motivated beyond your understanding. Get a grip.

As her company officer, I can tell you that she runs circles around the young men her age - not to mention, kicking their asses on the bike.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound sexist but she is a classic "Domestique".

For the LDO, that means - She is a rider who sacrifices any individual honors to the team leader who is in contention to win.

She's a gifted athlete and engineer. Not one of her shipmates has a negative word to say about her.

Robert Maguire said...

Anonymous @ 0829 and @ 1248

First, my comments do not concern the Ensign’s achievements. Good on her. Continued success and prepare for lots and lots of work and very little sleep. Hope she learns well the tough lessons all of us had to when we were first coming up.

Anonymous @ 0829, rest assured that the qualities of high motivation and intelligence are certainly not beyond the ken of us lowly ones out in the Fleet.

I can show you thousands of Sailors who kick butt and take names every single day without any special consideration or recognition.

However, we’ve all seen, and been baffled by, shipmates who are the “Golden Boys and Girls” of the command, shoot to the top, get the choice duties, don’t have to pay their dues, and leave more deserving co-workers wondering what the hell is going on.

I think that’s what LCDRLDO/6440 might be voicing his or her frustration about. But, I won’t speak for that fellow Mustang. That’s the way I see it.

And why would the LDO have to have “domestique” explained? For all you know, “the LDO” could also be a world class bike racer. Or “the LDO” might have a vocabulary more sophisticated than yours. Why would you jump to the conclusion that “the LDO” wouldn’t know that word?

You are the ones who need to get a grip.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

I am glad someone explained domestique to me.

Anonymous said...

The Canadians didn't have much success with this. I suspect we will do better.

Since we will soon allow homosexuals to serve openly in the submarine force, I expect people will be crying about that also.

You are all a bunch of wheel suckers.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see the last line of this Navy rimes article?


Sure NUB, you can bring your stationary bike onboard, you'll be getting special privileges anyway, why not.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Was I spot on about ENTITLED and PROTECTED or what???

Like I said, I honestly hope she can hold her own once she begins working for a living.

Time will tell.


Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

I don't see the entitlement or protection that you speak of.

Dave C said...

I agree. An offhanded comment by an Ensign w/no sea time about hoping to keep up her trianing does not equal a sense of entitlement or a protected status. She'll likely succeed or fail on her merit like we did. And her track record shows a good deal of potential.

Anonymous said...

My perception. Wouldn't expect others to see it the same.

Now back to dictionary.com Word of the Day website.... brushing up on my vocabulary. :)


Alison James said...

These women really are an inspiration. When I graduate from high school, I would like to attend the Navy academy and be a submarine commander.

Anonymous said...

This young lady has leadership potential written all over her !! She will be a real asset to the Fleet.

USNA '11 Classmate said...


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

With all those impressive credentials the Ensign will still have to go through Officer Submarine Training School, meet Submarine Qualifications and if she is other than a Supply Officer will have to qualify as OOD underway. This will take her a little time and I would hope that someone would keep the warlocks posted of her progress. I do have some inner thoughts about Submarines and hotbunking and a few other crude things, but I wish Ensign LeGrand the best in her efforts. Let her do some time in the trenches and give us a followup if it is possible.

Very Respectfully,