Saturday, July 30, 2011


Motivating Sailors can be a formidable leadership challenge. To be effective, our Navy requires cohesiveness, a sense of community. Liberalizing the Navy does not help our Sailors or our Navy.

The Navy needs a unique set of values to be effective. These include Honor, Courage, Commitment - discipline, obedience, integrity, a high order of technical excellence in military skills, and dedication to a well-defined purpose—defense of the country.

No one need remind us that the mission of the Navy remains "Conduct sustained combat operations at sea."


Anonymous said...

Your statement may be too late. The diversity cops may not like your statement.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

As stated in the post “Motivating Sailors can be a formidable leadership challenge. To be effective, our Navy requires cohesiveness, a sense of community. Liberalizing the Navy does not help our Sailors or our Navy.” I wonder if our leaders really understand this? Or even care to understand it? It would appear to me that the disruption from the removal of DADT, the fact that minorities will have a greater possibility to advance over others, the threat of large changes to the retirement and medical benefits, and, yes, even women put into duties that most would be unwilling to attempt. The Navy has become another platform for affirmative action and liberalization policies that will make it virtually impossible to maintain the morale that would allow it to “Conduct sustained operations a sea”.

Very Respectfully,

s said...

Does "liberalizing" in this context necessarily mean repealing DADT, women on submarines, etc.? Or does it mean the Navy has to adjust itself to reflect the society is serves, to the extent mission readiness is not adversely affected?

When black citizens were integrated into the armed forces, there was disruption, but the services adjusted and did just fine -- Just as when women were admitted to the service academies. Sure, the adjustment took time and was done imperfectly. In fact, we could say it is still a work in progress. But just because something is hard doesn't mean it shouldn't be done -- especially when it's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Fighting a war is about readiness and strength, not quotas and diversity.
Being prepared for war requires promotions based solely on performance, which may not be the current policy.
The only thing in jeopardy is our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Well spoken Anonymous (August 2, 2011 1:04 AM). The Navy and other services have no method of redress for the liberalization policies piled on them by civilians that have no idea how to conduct war, or even prepare for war, and if you have noticed over the years any senior military man who voices an opinion contrary to higher authority is usually removed from that position. Unfortunately liberalization policies have been the key element in many cases for such removal (Gen. Peter Pace, CJCS) was one of the latest victims.

The UCMJ varies greatly from the common laws of the United States and the society that it protects. The turmoil that the liberal changes create in the Military Justice system alone causes morale problems and other undesirable effects except to the very few that wanted the change.

This work in progress is just exactly what the Navy does not need, I hardly think we can demand that the battles be conducted as works in progress. We need military readiness and ability to do the job without hindrance due to liberal change facing the warriors from every side.

Everyone is not suitable for everything, most of this liberalization impedes the good order and discipline that military individuals are required to adhere to. Most Navy folks know and understand what the hard things to do are and as long as those hard things aid in their mission they will follow what is required. When drastic changes to previously understood policies occur, and these policies only benefit a very small number of crew members and the remainder of the crew is made to suffer the effects of those policies. It is not the right thing to implement these policies and never has been.

Very Respectfully,