Sunday, July 31, 2011

Go Deep

More from my fellow blogger, Seth Godin...The Information Dominance Corps mission area is a fairly broad slice of the pie. 

Seth suggests - As the deluge of information grows and choices continue to widen (there's no way you could even attempt to cover the breadth of knowledge about the  Information Dominance Corps from scratch today), it's easy to forget the benefits of acquiring this sort of (mostly) complete understanding in a particular field. I'm not even sure it matters which field you pick.  (I would pick Information Warfare, myself.)

Expertise is a posture as much as it is a volume of knowledge.  Read every single professional journal, briefing and other document you can get your hands on in your field--there are countless ways to GO DEEP instead of merely paying lip service to the current flavor of the moment.

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Sean Heritage said...

Seth's message is so relevant to much of what we do as leaders and human beings. I recently made his book "Linchpin" required reading for the wardroom here in Pensacola and his message finds its way into my blogposts with regularity (example:

Related to the post you made today, we took a wardroom trip to Stennis Space Center last week and can now truly appreciate...

1) METOC has more in common with the other three IDC communities than most realize (In fact, much of their model is worthy of emulation)

2) They enjoy incredible depth in their rather specialized core competencies (Have we (the rest of the IDC) given them reason to say the same about us?)

3) We must create more intersections to leverage the specialized expertise across the IDC (i.e. aligned TF Structure and organization within Fleet Staffs).