Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trust and Personal Relationships: From the Flag Officer CAPSTONE COURSE

Trust and Personal Relationships:

Building trust with subordinates and partners may be the most important action that a commander will perform. Building this trust is a conscious act; it’s not something that just happens. You’ve got to plan for it, actively build it through your words and actions, and continue reinforcing it throughout the time in command.

There’s a great deal of literature on building trust. Stephen Covey in The Speed of Trust talks to trust as the "hidden variable" in the formula for organizational success. He brings out how trust always affects two outcomes: speed and cost. When trust goes down, speed goes down and cost goes up. Covey notes 13 behaviors that establish trust (talk straight, demonstrate respect, create transparency, right wrongs, show loyalty, get better, confront reality, clarify expectations, practice accountability, listen first, keep commitments, and extend trust). These principles have direct applicability in military command.

Trust and confidence is an essential prerequisite to achieving synergy and harmony, both within the force, and also with our interagency and multinational partners. We suggest you take time to think through how you gain and maintain trust and confidence with your higher commanders, your subordinates, and your partners.

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