Monday, April 18, 2011

Scarey truths ?

We train people to deal with their bosses in a certain way: Find out what they want, and do that, just barely, because there are lots of other things that must be done. Figure out how to do exactly what they want, with the least amount of effort, and the least risk of failure and you are a 'good Sailor.'

The attitude of minimize is a matter of self-preservation. Raise the bar, the thinking goes, and the boss will work you harder and harder. Take initiative and you might fail, leading to a reprimand or relief (think about that word for a second... pretty frightening).

The linchpin, of course, can't abide the attitude of minimize. It leaves no room for real growth and certainly doesn't permit an individual to become irreplaceable.

Lifted from SETH GODIN's Blog Here.

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