Friday, April 22, 2011

Rear Admiral Andy Singer

RADM. Andy Singer speaks with student Lt. Beth Jasper
One aspect of the IDC, intelligence, has long been understood to be a critical area of opportunity over adversaries. NPS’ Intelligence Chair and Director of the Information Dominance Center of Excellence, retired Rear Admiral Andy Singer, noted that Information Dominance comes down to gathering information and using that information in a way that gives us an advantage over our adversaries. In that role, the Intel community is critical to maintaining dominance in the information realm.

“All the communities in the IDC are hunters and deliverers of Intelligence,” explained Singer. “While Naval intelligence focuses on delivering knowledge of the enemy, it takes the communities collective work to make that knowledge as complete as possible and from it find the opportunities to anticipate, know, predict and change the adversary’s desired effects. NPS is giving Navy Intelligence professionals the technical and regional expertise needed to master information advantages for our nation. In today's Navy, Intelligence is the key to knowing first and therefore acting first and best.”

The full article is HERE.

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