Thursday, April 7, 2011

Information Warfare and Cryptology Community - 2011 Update

Our Membership 
All Information Warfare Officers (AC/RC), all Cryptologic Technicians (AC/RC) ,
and Navy Civilians executing the Community's mission.
Our Vision
We are a community of war fighters who deliver information dominance to Naval and Joint commanders.  We do so by applying the core skills of cryptology, signals intelligence, computer network operations, and electronic warfare. 
We will continue to lead in this game-changing warfare area across the Department of Defense.

Our Core Skills 
Cryptology and signals intelligence, computer network operations
(exploit, defend, attack) , and electronic warfare.

Our Mission
  Execute the full spectrum of cyber, cryptology, signals intelligence, information operations, computer network operations, and electronic warfare missions.  This occurs across the cyber, electromagnetic and space domains to deter and defeat aggression, to provide warning of intent, and to ensure freedom of action while achieving military objectives in and through cyberspace.

Just released by RADM Deets on 6 April 2011.  3 other teams are working on (1) Community Strategy, (2) Professional tracks for IW officers, and (3) An Advisory Council which will produce a monthly communique for the community leader to send "to the Force to keep all informed and united." 


Anonymous said...

I am sorry dude but any community that uses 'game-changing' in their vision cannot be taken seriously. Game over.

Anonymous said...

So, does this mean the misadventure into PSYOP and Strategic Communications is over? Will we see recapitalization of Strike Group DIWC billets into something useful? Will the community stop chasing mythical vapor-like capabilities and go back to hard analytical work in support of the mission goals of the Combatant Commanders? Will the community leadership realize that the futher away we get from NSA the worse it is for the Navy, because NSA capabilities are needed by the Navy? Has the community leadership realized that snuggling up to the IT community was a monumental mistake? I applaude RADM Deets for seemingly trying to right the ship as he goes out the door.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 729...... Anybody that uses "dude" in a comment can't be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

I.O. no longer identified as a core skill?? !!

anonymous dude said...


Sorry for the offense, I call everyone dude.

Anonymous said...

MIA 2005-2011: RADM Deets - better late than never. But, better never late.

ajp28 said...

Well said 7:44. Right the ship that is lost at sea.

FOD said...

Compare and contrast, old school "Our mission is to provide Cryptologic Forces to support the needs of naval, unified and National Command Authorities so that our nation can deter aggression, encourage political stability, provide forward presence, establish sea control and project power From The Sea against any threat and win."

So we now do ops in "cyber, electromagnetic and space domains?" ...but only to "achieving military objectives in and through cyberspace."

What happened to electromagnetic?

I'm old school... when did we stop listening to radio traffic?

Anonymous said...

The key to success for IW officers is first and foremost sustained superior performance in increasingly demanding operational and leadership tours, at sea and ashore, culminating in command as a Commander or Captain. IW officers should understand the tenets of Information Operations and Cryptology to employ capabilities for “effects-based” warfare. To succeed in operational fleet tours, IW officers must understand and broker national/strategic systems and architecture, target and regional expertise, leading edge communications, networks and radar technology, and masters level techniques for dominating the information domain. IW officers deliver value to the nation through tours at National Security Agency Cryptologic Centers by capitalizing on warfighting competencies in joint and naval operations; understanding the kill chain; operations and contingency planning of IO, and, most importantly, knowledge of what the joint and naval commanders require most. IW officers must be prepared to lead change and lead people. They must seize the initiative, motivate people, effectively apply resources, and execute the mission. These leadership traits coupled with sustained superior performance in operational assignments are the hallmark of success for IW officers and should guide the selection board when determining the best and fully qualified officers for promotion. The ideal Lieutenant Commander selectee will have at least one tactical tour (air, surface, subsurface, SPECWAR or IA), the ideal Commander selectee will have a Carrier/Expeditionary Strike Group, PHIBRON or Numbered Fleet experience, and the ideal Captain selectee should have a CO/XO experience and have completed at least one requirement (JPME I or completion of a joint tour) along their path to being a JQO.

Anonymous said...


Just released by RADM Deets on 6 April 2011. 3 other teams are working on
(1) Community Strategy,
(2) Professional tracks for IW officers, and
(3) An Advisory Council which will produce a monthly communique for the community leader to send "to the Force to keep all informed and united."

You guys have a follow thru like Charles Barkley's golf swing - you S.U.C.K.