Thursday, April 14, 2011

On the retiring list

Rear Admiral Ned Deets (Retired)
Captain Craig Eaton - October 2011
Captain Paul Jaeger ** (Retired)
Captain Rick Bodziak
Captain Eugene Potente ** (Retired)
Captain Jon Dollan **(Retired)
Captain Tom Harvan
Captain Steve Ashworth - September 2011
Captain Greg Haws (Retired)

You may know others.  We'll say "Fair Winds and Following Seas" to the men above and a number other key leaders, and then welcome a new batch of Navy Captain selectees at the end of the month.

** retired or on terminal leave as of 1 June 2011


Anonymous said...

I would go anywhere and do anything for Captain Eaton! He is an outstanding person, Naval Officer, and leader. He has a huge heart and truly cares about his crew. I continue to relish the opportunities I had to work for him and I look forward to celebrating his career at his retirement.



Anonymous said...


Hear, hear. All these men have devoted their adult lives to serving the men and women of the Navy and our beloved community. All deserve our hearty congratulations.

General Quarters said...

Behold, another class of contractors matriculates. Now comes the serious money, men.

Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it, there are no females on this list...hmmm...

I wonder how different this list might look if we were as focused on retaining competence as we are on retaining diversity

Anonymous said...

Some women will be joining this list soon.

Anonymous said...

Concur that all of these men deserve our hearty congratulations. That written, heroes like CAPT Eaton only come around once in a generation. Craig holds a special place in this old retired warrant's heart.
V/r CWO5 (Ret)

Cryppywife said...

Behind every great man stands a strong lovely woman. Craig has Janet, lucky him, and she is an excellent woman!!