Friday, April 15, 2011

Information Dominance Corps SYNCHRONIZATION

If you are a member of the Information Dominance Corps and have not signed up for the IDC Synchronization Newsletter - you are missing the boat and boatloads of important information.  You can sign up HERE.


Anonymous said...

Why do we have to use an unsecure (OPSEC, anyone?) and unauthenticated commercial web page (or Facebook group) to receive info that should be coming through our chains of command and community leadership?

That's a hypothetical question, but feel free to chime in.

Commander Tom Smith said...

Why do we still have people who are fearful of attaching their names to their questions and opinions?

That's a rhetorical question, but feel free to answer.

There is nothing wrong with the way folks are getting their information or the way it's being delivered. If that were the case, the IDC would have shut down the synchoronization effort.

Sean Heritage said...

"Self Synch" was an experiment based on a desire to 1) fill a communications void, 2) acknowledge that the best situational awareness is realized through turning willing IDC members into sensors contributing to the COP, and 3) bring the conversation to the target participants instead of believing they (we) would converse on a site of our choosing. Though far from perfect, so far I would call it an incremental success.

Anonymous said...


Most likely because the anon poster isn't a CDR.

As for your other points, the list of things wrong with people getting their information in this manner are simply too numerous to list.

Ask yourself, were you not able to perform your duties before the advent of some of these "tools"? If you were then what changed? If you weren't then how in the world did you manage to make it as far as you have?

CTRCS(SW) ret. Kevin Goodson

CDR Tom Smith said...

Senior Chief,

List the reasons anyway.

Silence Dogood said...

Surely, CDR Tom Smith knows that pseudonyms are traditionally used to avoid intimidation and retribution for opinions that challenge the received "wisdom" of the leadership in authoritarian cultures such as the Navy or the Corporatocracy.

Commander Tom Smith said...

Silence Dogood,

I know no such thing.