Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strengths of the former NSG organization as identified by the BOGGSATT

1. Cadre of professional career cryptologists (officer & enlisted specialists, not generalists)
2. Highly trained enlisted community
3. Naval Security Group personnel closely integrated in the field with operational customers
4. Short, responsive chain of command
5. Good reputation with major stakeholders
6. Lean organization at headquarters/staffs/sites (low headcount)
7. Strong synergy between NSG's strategic and tactical cryptologic products and services

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Anonymous said...

To update:
1. Still have that, but it gets smaller each year. Officers are a real mixed bag. Lack of a standards.
2. It is now hit or miss. Some are highly trained, some are highly confused and some are just admin queens, it is easier to run admin functions than be good at your job.
3. Still exists, but operators are confused about what we are supposed to be doing.
4. Chain of command is so confusing those inside the community can't figure it out, much less the operators.
5. We look like the folks who can't decide what we doing..IO, IW, Cryptology, Public Affairs,PSYOP, Strategic comms, EMCOM, EW, ELINT, IAVAs, CND, and a partridge in a pear tree.
5. NETWARCOM, 10th Fleet, NAVCYBERCOM. We took one staff with one admiral and turned it into three staffs with a half a dozen admirals and moved down the chain of command a couple levels.
6. The Berlin Wall was more permeable than the wall that has been established between P2 and P3.