Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting the news out

News is, by definition, NEW! Flag officers, SES’s, commanding officers, and public affairs officers must move information quickly.

Many opportunities for positive news coverage are lost because we don’t get the story to the media (or our People) fast enough or early enough.

You already know how difficult it is to reach the commercial media when you have a story to pitch. Your contact with the media can be more effective if you remember the basics:
  • Have well-briefed subject matter experts available
  • Ensure spokespersons and subject matter experts are trained on how to interact effectively with media
  • Prepare communication points and fact sheets
  • Remain accessible
  • Protect privacy, classified information
  • Be honest and forthright
  • Get your message out. No matter what the news topic, no matter how negative the coverage appears, there are always opportunities to balance the reporting with your message.
From the Navy's 2005 Playbook on public affairs.

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