Thursday, November 4, 2010

Office of Naval Research taking a different approach to DIVERSITY

The Office of Naval Research was recently recognized for the excellence of its workforce improvement programs.  ONR was awarded a BRONZE Medal on 3 November 2010.  NAVNEWS article is HERE.

"Initiatives such as the ONR Academy of Learning, Virtual Employee Program, Hiring for Cognitive Diversity and the Leadership Development Program create an environment for us to continue recruiting the best and brightest and maintaining our tradition of innovative ideas," Brown said. "These programs are part of the reason why ONR has consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in the federal government by the Office of Personnel Management."

Cognitive Diversity: Every person thinks differently. Leveraging this difference creates new opportunities for individuals and companies. Complex problems are solved by using the diverse cognitive style, knowledge, and experience from a team of individuals. Learn how you can recognize and embrace cognitive diversity to solve problems more efficiently.

For my part, this is diversity that matters.


confused by diversity said...

I'd really like to see one of these "diversity" groups recognize someone other than a person of their same race, religion, ethnicity or other 'affinity identifier'. Great that these individuals are recognized as 'leaders' of 'their kind'. I don't see the diversity in that manner of thinking. I see it as polarizing rather than unifying. How about the white guy who mentors the Hispanic kid, the black kid down the street, the poor white trash kid up the road? How about the guys who selflessly serves all races? You can't give that guy/gal a diversity award because he/she is not 'of color'. It's interesting as much as it is anything else.

Anonymous said...

The Navy likes all kinds of diversity, except this one. Nothing will stop your career faster than cognitive diversity.