Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our leaders must be worthy...

Admiral John Harvey (Commander, Fleet Forces Command)  said he’s concerned that junior Sailors could come to feel that high-ranking people are immune from being held accountable.

“The issue here is trust, and that’s the only issue,” Harvey said. “If you don’t have the trust of those you lead, you don’t have anything.” It’s important for Sailors to understand that the Navy sets a standard of accountability to ensure their leaders are worthy of trust, he said. “And I will do everything in my power – legally, morally, ethically – to enforce and sustain that standard of accountability.

“Our leaders must be worthy of the trust of those they lead.”
Admiral John Harvey
Commander, Fleet Forces Command
in discussing his decision to move forward on the court martial of LCDR Sean Kearns, former XO of USS San Antonio for dereliction of duty in the death of a USS San Antonio Sailor


Anathema said...

This also applies amongst officers - junior to senior. And I suspect that there may be a deficit of trust there that is not being addressed,

General Quarters said...