Saturday, November 13, 2010

NAO Breast Insignia - Not awarded frivilously - Cherish yours

16 months of effort on this request to authorize NAO wings for RADM March resulted in failure.  VADM Ferguson (Chief of Naval Personnel) reviewed the request personally and stated that he did not have the authority to retroactively award RADM G.P. March his NAO wings for his service as a COMEVAL in P4M aircraft.  RADM March went to his final rest on the wings of a prayer - without his NAO wings.  In his letter to me, RADM Pat March did not express any faith in NPC awarding his wings and he was okay with that. This was a great learning experience for me and I was pleased that VADM Ferguson took the time to consider the request personally.

I feel it is our collective duty to honor and remember the service of those who have gone before us. If we do not remember them and their achievements, who will remember us and ours?


LCDR Bob Morrison said...

Actually, RADM March wasn't the only one in this category. If I remember correctly, NAO wings weren't authorized for COMEVALs until the late 1970's, and I'm not sure that all those who qualified before (those who flew during the Vietnam war, for instance) were awarded NAO wings retroactively. Maybe somebody with a better memory can add something here.

Anonymous said...

So if VADM Ferguson doesn't have that authority, who does?

Maybe routing this request through NAVAIR would be more appropriate.

Truly sad, especially in a period when these wings are "given" to Intelligence Officers who serve with VP and VQ squadrons. I say "given" because they (1) are not in a specialty to earn these wings and (2) have no position aboard the aircraft.

LCDR Robert Maguire, USN(Ret) said...

I know that, at least in the past, NAO wings have been awarded to DCS couriers.

VADM Mark Ferguson via e-mail said...

Captain Lambert,

After careful consideration, I regret that I cannot approve your request to award the NAO wings to RADM March. The attached letter, which will be mailed to you, provides the background for this decision. This decision in no way diminishes the outstanding contributions that Admiral March made to our Navy, and I appreciate your efforts to ensure his accomplishments are acknowledged and his legacy sustained.

All the best,
VADM Mark Ferguson

LDO LT (NAO) said...


Now I can understand Nedd Deet's roll in this. He didn't get his wings so he didn't want Admiral March to get his. Sucks. But thats reality.