Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our people truly are our greatest resource

"Every naval leader I've met says that our people are our greatest resource. It is absolutely true. I joined the submarine force because of the exceptional people and that is why I've stayed. I've learned from some inspirational leaders. Several are here today. Along the way, I've made some great life-long friends. It began with my Naval Academy classmates and has extended to shipmates from six afloat commands and staff members from my shore assignments.

"It's been an incredible 35-year adventure. I've completely circumnavigated the globe. I've visited 38 countries. I've been fortunate to serve in command four times, that's exactly three more than my initial stretch goal. I'll never forget the feeling I had as CO standing atop the sail of my submarine heading for deep water so we could dive and disappear. Only a submariner can fully appreciate the close camaraderie of a submarine crew or tolerate the practical jokes we played on each other. I'll always remember the joy of watching subordinates achieve successes they never thought possible. I smile every time I see a homecoming and recall the joy of reuniting with family after a six-month deployment."

Vice Admiral John J. Donnelly
upon his retirement on 5 November 2010


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

And as all of us in the Silent Service would like, Vice Admiral John J. Donnelly respected his crews and made an equal number of dives and surfaces during his career.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

Too bad that since the Clark era most Admirals seem to view our personnel as our greatest liability -- an expense that they feel is unnecessary.... after all most of those jobs can be converted to civilian positions. Civilian positions filled with retired Admirals, Captains, Commanders...