Monday, November 1, 2010


Writing seems to be a solitary endeavor, but it is, in reality, a social act in which you not only learn, but you also become part of a larger community. When you explore ideas and advocate positions in writing and during seminar or informal discussions, you are joining an ongoing academic conversation.

Writing can be an extremely frustrating, and even confounding, process. Being a writer is like being a musician or an athlete: you don’t suddenly know how to be the best, but with hard work and commitment, you can become a better—if not accomplished—athlete or musician. Even then, you would practice and continue working with coaches and teachers. The same is true for writing.

From the U.S. Naval War College Writing Center.  You can visit them HERE.

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Rubber Ducky said...

My 10 Commandments (11 actually) for writers on naval topics at the bottom of this page...