Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 VADM James Bond Stockdale Inspirational Leadership Award Winner's Advice for Leaders

"When meeting Navy standards, you have to be consistent," said Commander Mike McCartney. "It isn't about being nice or giving people a break, it's about meeting and enforcing that Navy standard. When getting ready to land an airplane, pilots follow the same procedures every time. They may fly that airplane thousands of times, but they do it the same way every single time. The same thing applies to us, whether it's doing a 3M (Material Maintenance Management Program) spot check or executing watch-standing principles. It sets you and your Sailors up for success. Sailors will work hard to meet your expectations, but if your expectations don't meet the Navy standard, then your Sailors will not be prepared when the CO or some outside organization comes aboard to inspect."

Commander Michael McCartney while addressing San Diego Surface Warfare Officers (SWOS) Indoctrination Course at a ceremony held at Naval Surface Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet (SURFPAC) headquarters on November. 19.

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