Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Former Center for Cryptology Corry Station Curriculum Instructional Standards Officer (CISO) Chosen as Navy CIO

Terry Halvorsen has been named the Navy CIO. 

Halverson, who began the job on Nov. 22, replaces Robert Carey, who left the post in the summer for a job with the Navy Cyber Fleet Command (and is now the Defense Department’s deputy CIO).

Prior to joining the DON CIO, Halvorsen was the deputy commander of Navy Cyber Forces. He also has served as the deputy commander of the Naval Network Warfare Command.

Mr. Terry Halvorsen, a native of Trainer, Pa., graduated with honors from Widener University with a degree in History. Mr. Halvorsen was commissioned a Regular Army second lieutenant in May 1980. He was a distinguished military graduate and a George C. Marshall award winner.

Following graduation and commissioning, he attended Army Officer Basic Course and the Intelligence Officer Course. His first assignment was as Executive/Operations Officer Army Intelligence Detachment Pensacola, supporting the Army's training with the Navy at Hurlbert Field. During this tour Mr. Halvorsen attended various special operations courses and obtained a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from the University of West Florida. 

Mr. Halvorsen's active and reserve tours include Commander, Intelligence Security Detachment Combat Support Coordination Team 1, Republic of Korea Operations Officer Directorate of Security Fort Benning, Commander HHC 361st Civil Affairs Brigade (CAB), Intelligence Officer 361st CAB and Executive Assistant Commanding General 350th CA Command. Mr. Halvorsen was recalled to active duty numerous times in support of Operation Just Cause, Desert Storm and Joint Task Forces in Central and South America.

Mr. Halvorsen entered Federal Civil Service in 1985 as the Curriculum Instructional Standards Officer for Navy Cryptology Training, Corry Station Pensacola, Fla. He has held numerous positions in the training community to include Deputy for C4I Training, Director Training Policy and Standards, and Director of Assessment where he was one of the principal architects of the Navy's Training re-engineering efforts.

Mr. Halvorsen was personally selected for the CNO-directed Executive Review of Navy Training (ERNT). This was a comprehensive review of all aspects of Navy training resulting in the Navy's Revolution in Training to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Navy training. At the conclusion of the ERNT project Mr. Halvorsen was selected as the Director of Task Force Excel Atlantic, charged with accelerating the revolution in Navy training. Beginning in January 2003 with the establishment of Naval Personnel Development Command (NPDC), Mr. Halvorsen served as the Executive Director for NPDC, Norfolk, Va., and the Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPT&E) CIO (Chief Information Officer). In February, 2006 Mr. Halvorsen was designated Acting Executive Director, Naval Education and Training Command (NETC)/MPT&E Echelon II. Mr. Halvorsen officially reported as deputy commander, Naval Network Warfare Command on October 30, 2006.
Mr. Halvorsen's personal awards include the, Superior Civilian Service, Meritorious Civilian Service, Legion of Merit, and Meritorious Service Medal. He is a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow, and an Excellence in Government Leadership Fellow.


Anonymous said...

Great choice. He is a super individual to follow Mr. Carey.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the navy attract young, highly talented individuals like Vivek Kundra?