Friday, March 12, 2021

Legendary Cryptologic Technician Technical Master Chief Larry Veray Retires from the National Reconnaissance Office


After a long career of Navy service as a CTT and nearly 3 decades at the NRO as a government contractor, legendary ELINT and SPACE expert, Larry Veray has retired.  He continues his public service in Hawaii as Chair of the Pearl City Neighborhood Board.  Mahalo for your service Larry.  We salute you and know the people of Hawaii will benefit from your leadership and service.


Unknown said...

Take it easy, brother!!

Mike Allred said...

At one time, I think he had his own bar stool at the Pearl City Monkey Bar and several at the Camp Smith NCO Club. Larry is one hell of a guy. There are very few, if any, with his skill and exlertise.

Unknown said...

Well the good thing is the King of Karaoke will keep on singing. Don't think he is the King? Well he once traveled from Hawaii to Charleston (I believe) for a Cryptologic Submarine Reunion, and carried his Karaoke Machine with him. Hard core to the Max. Congrats Larry and enjoy your retirement. Penny and I will look you up in the August timeframe if we can still travel then.
R/Lou Tardona, Jr.
CTTC(SS) Retired.

Bob Smith said...

I met him in 1981 when I was an AW. He helped me become a CTT after I was grounded from flying. He intervened with the AW detailer who wanted me to become an OT, boring as hell. Congrats Larry.

Andy said...

'Larry will never retire, only change emphasis! Few earn the adjective Legend. Larry does!
Too bad the Mayoral election was November, best candidate now available!!!

Unknown said...

Larry V. I owe every hangover I have ever had in Hawaii to you! Glad to see you get out alive, your recent heart attacks had us all a bit worried. The legend moves on, leaving an amazing legacy!

You were one of the few that was truly loved by all - Fair Winds!!!