Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 Multiplier of the Year

Please vote for Captain Sean Heritage as 2016 military multiplier of the year.  You can vote HERE.

The Five Disciplines of the Multiplier
1. The Talent Magnet: Attracts and deploys talent at its highest point of contribution.
2. The Liberator: Creates a climate of safety and ambition that both invites and demands people’s best thinking.
3. The Challenger: Define an opportunity that causes people to stretch.
4. The Debate Maker: Drives sound decisions through rigorous debate.
5. The Investor: Delivers extraordinary results again and again without direct management.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Can't take someone seriously while wearing a hoodie with Captain stripes.

seanheritage said...

privatejoker015 - Life is too short to take ourselves too seriously and I clearly don't.

Mike - Thank you for being such a great partner in multiplication.

Från Glam till Damm said...

Why are there so few good leaders in the world?

Congratulations Sean!

Anneli Kershaw