Saturday, November 22, 2014

Captain Clyde Lopez

Captain Clyde Lopex, Athens, 1989

Captain Clyde C. Lopez, United States Navy - retired, celebrates his 77th birthday today.  This great American enlisted in the Navy in October 1955 and served for 40 years, retiring in 1995.  And yet, he's still HARD at work for his beloved U.S. Navy.

His illustrious Navy career would fill volumes.  It is sufficient to say that he was a Sailor worthy of being called a Shipmate by all who know him.

He was born on this day in 1937 in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

Sir, Happy Birthday SHIPMATE !!

He is still serving our great Navy and Nation today - in a civilian capacity.  Talk about Service!


Anonymous said...

Great American.

Unknown said...

Mike, did you know Clyde retired from Civil Service? I think it was 12/31/14. That was the last day that he could use his Navy email address. He was in "the business" for 60 years. He was a contractor working for the Navy for a few years during the interim between active duty and civserv. I'm so glad you recognize him on your site. He has been a great leader and mentor for so many of us, and not just while on active duty.

Anonymous said...

Very cool to see this; albeit a bit late.

I was a CTA in the Navy & was CAPT Lopez's executive assistant while he we were stationed at NSA. Best d@mn Navy man I'd ever met; reasonable, smart, friendly, and willing to share his knowledge.

I actually was the POC for his retirement ceremony; getting it all set up, escorting Wilma through the halls of NSA. It has always been a great memory of mine.

Happy retirement Clyde; you surely deserve it!

Scott E. Denbow

Dave Mail said...

A damn fine Naval Officer. Glad and proud that I knew him on active duty.

Mary Kay Bayle-Currera said...

I had the pleasure of working with Captain Lopez at NSA, FT Meade. I was his and Mr. William West's writer. It was a privilege to work for them both while serving in the United States Navy as an (CTA). I will never forget what a pleasure it was working with them both. Great memories!