Friday, August 1, 2008

30 Blinding Flashes of the Obvious - 2nd Edition - 5 at a time

11. Enjoy Your Work and Your People
Working for a boss with a furrowed brow or an angry scowl is no fun nor does it inspire people to do their very best. If you are obviously enjoying your work, most people will be captured by your enthusiasm and joy and will enjoy their work also.
12. Acknowledge Mistakes Quickly and Completely
Be willing to fully air your dirty linen. The best leaders acknowledge their mistakes quickly and take corrective actions to reduce the possibility of a similar mistake in the future. Good news may improve with age, bad news does not.
13. Don't Overconcentrate on the Details
No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation with detail. This was the fundamental mistake of the Carter Presidency. A man of compassion and intellect failed because he was unable to empower subordinates, nor was he able to think and act strategically.
14. Never Roll the Ball Over
Leaders should remind themselves often that when they play sports, the object is not to win but to compete with total integrity. Many people play fast and loose with the game of golf. They cheat, yet they somehow justify their conduct. (Bill Clinton uses the term "a do over" to explain the 30 or so mulligans he uses during his golf rounds.)
15. Anticipate Impending Crises
The best leaders have the ability to look around corners and anticipate problems and impending crises. When you see a crisis headed your way, take some quick actions to end it and to minimize the damage.

Shared with me by Major General Perry M. Smith, an American patriot.

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