Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Skillsets Vitally Important to This War

"The skill sets of our Information Professional officers, information system technicians (IT), information warfare officers (IWO) and cryptologic technicians (CT), the capabilities they bring to the fight, and the effects they deliver, are vitally important to this war. There is no question about it — they are in the fight.

And while I’m focusing primarily on those from our NETWARCOM domain, I can’t say enough about the Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and civilians who are all part of this massive team effort. Everywhere I went I heard great stories of the professionalism and dedication of our Sailors involved in network operations, signals intelligence (SIGINT), cryptology and information operations. They are motivated; they understand the vital nature of their mission, and they are performing jobs in their skill sets. Their morale is very high."

Rear Admiral Ned Deets,
Vice Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command

CHIPS Magazine, December 2007

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