Monday, August 18, 2008

Training Excellence - 6 years ago

“You have a great many shipmates in the intelligence and cryptology business across the world; and working together, our advantage in combat will be moreso the intelligence and the information that we share about the enemy and what our next move should be. I, in fact, suggest that may very well be more important than the actual tools of direct combat."

“Today, I am especially gratified and pleased to be here with you and award the Chief of Naval Education and Training’s Training Excellence Award. We have over 150 training organizations that we’re responsible for at CNET, and NTTC Corry Station is one of a relative few handful of commands that are recognized for their exceptional performance and their exceptional service in the business of training and education,” he said.

“It is really an honor for me to award your command this prestigious award because it represents the very best that we do in our Navy as it relates to training and education. And again, it is no surprise to me that with Capt. Deets, his distinguished faculty and staff here, and the extraordinary quality of the young men and women who fill the ranks out here, that you have achieved this Training Excellence Award.”

Vice Admiral Al Harms, Chief of Naval Education and Training

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