Saturday, August 9, 2008


The truly successful in our business work as a team. Yes, we may have different perspectives, but on the key points we are one team.

Coordinate with others. We’re all in this together, despite often competing agendas. Build consensus on issues. Honestly debate critical issues. Don’t compromise on integrity, ethical issues, or issues involving life/death. For all other issues, find the optimum solution for all involved. That generally means “compromise.” My experience tells me that compromising doesn’t always result in the best solution, but it generally does…and it is a heck of a lot easier to work together and find an optimal solution than to degenerate into mudslinging…that takes a lot more energy and isn’t a great deal of fun.

Don’t blind-side your buddies or your boss…your reputation depends on playing well in the sandbox. Even the perception of lack of teamwork can hamper the perception that you’re a team player. Avoid treading on someone else’s turf. If you need to work on an issue that falls in the seams with another person (particularly important for analytical topics) then work with the other person. Seek common ground.

VADM Jack Dorsett, Director of Naval Intelligence,

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