Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CTMCM (SW) Ronald N. Schwartz passed away - a year ago today - 27 August 2007

Master Chief Petty Officer Ronald N. Schwartz passed away on 27 August 2007 following a fatal tractor accident near his home in Indiana. He had a distinguished career as a Cryptologic Maintenance Technician in the Naval Security Group. He served in USS BIDDLE, in The White House Communication Office, at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, on the Staff of the Chief of Naval Education and Training, as an instructor at Naval Technical Training Center - Corry Station - Pensacola, Florida and as Command Master Chief for U.S. Naval Security Group Activity - Yokosuka, Japan.

On the first anniversary of his passing, I suspect he is smiling down on all of us knowing that just two short weeks ago, Naval Network Warfare Command reversed their decision to disestablish the Cryptologic Technician Maintenance rating in the Navy. He was foremost a career-long advocate for the Cryptologic Maintenance Technicians afloat and serving in the Fleet Electronic Support shops around the world. THE MESSAGE: Never doubt the value of our Cryptologic Technicians; for the most part, theirs is a unique contribution to the Navy's warfighting ability. That capability must be preserved for the good of the nation.


Anonymous said...

Mike, great tribute to one of our own. Thanks for remembering Master Chief Schwartz and doing everything you did to make sure his memory lives on at NIOC Yoko.

R/ Doug

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughs Mike and honoring Ron Schwartz's memorary. He was a complete sailor and consumate professional in all that he did. He was good friend and shipmate and it is difficult to believe it's been a year since he passed away. I will keep Ron in mind as we work to reconstitute the CTM rating and hope his spirit helps guide our actions. Mahalo, George Theis

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. He was a great man, and I'm so proud to call him my father. ❤