Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fired - For Cause

Word to the wise - don't let your Sailors smoke and set your ship on fire. And, don't run your ship aground. The American taxpayer (you and me) can't afford it. $17M in damage to USS George Washington. Costs to repair USS Pearl Harbor are as yet unknown.

Your questions about RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY have been answered. For those things which you are responsible, you will be held accountable.

Next question?

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Anonymous said...

Cappy, it wasn't your fault. Fuckin' purple-shirts and white-shirts in tandem caused the worst twenty-eight hours of my life, not you. It was a damned miracle no one got seriously hurt, though that miracle was tempered by the rigorous training you insisted on putting us through. Go with god, sir. If no one else appreciates your leadership in those dark hours, know that I do.
Anonymously published because of today's...shit.