Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chief Petty Officer Training

"What excited me about the Center for Cryptology Corry Station's approach to Chief Petty Officer training was an entire chain of command's commitment to a vital part of our organization - to make them (Chief Petty Officers) better, more efficient, and more effective," Master Chief McCalip said.

"All too often, when a Sailor makes Chief, they think they've 'made it,' and, in some ways, they have...but it is so important that we provide strategic mentoring to further their professional and personal development. The fact that we had an admiral-select (Edward H. Deets III) sitting in there the whole week sent a message to the Chiefs and officers that Corry's commitment to being the best flows from the top down."

The course was originally conceived, developed and delivered by (then) Commander Mike Lambert, Director of Training, Naval Technical Training Center Corry Station, Pensacola, Florida. The CO/XO/CMC and wardroom were instructors in this course.

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