Saturday, August 2, 2008

30 Blinding Flashes of the Obvious - 2nd Edition - 5 at a time

16. Fight the Natural Tendency to Clone Yourself
Although it is very common, it is a terrible mistake to hire people who look, act, and think like you do. Every time you are about to make a decision to hire someone, be brutally honest with yourself. Is this person attractive to you because he or she brings a fresh background, perspective, or point of view? If not, keep looking. Also, after you hire someone, force yourself to avoid the tendency to encourage that person to act and be like you.
17. Welcome Criticism
All leaders should fully understand that criticism and loyalty are mutually supporting. When subordinates quit complaining that can be very bad news. It means that they are either afraid to complain or have given up on making things better within the organization. Both are deadly.
18. Don't Set Unreasonable Deadlines
There is an expression in the Pentagon, "If you want it bad, you will get it bad." Try to give your folks enough time to put together a solution that you and they can be proud of.
19. Expect Exceptional Performance
Although perfectionism in a leader can be deadly in any organization, leaders must not let the pendulum swing too far in the other direction. If leaders don't ask for exceptional performance from their associates, they are not likely to get it.
20. Don't Allow Yourself to Become a Wind Chime
If your primary skill is blowing with the wind by being politically agile, you will not be respected by those you lead. Have a backbone and exercise your strength of character by taking strong positions on important issues.

Shared with me by Major General Perry Smith, an American patriot.

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