Monday, August 4, 2008

30 Blinding Flashes of the Obvious - 2nd Edition - Final 5

26. Network Constantly
Every day do some networking, expand your braintrust, seek out creative and imaginative ideas. Exercise your curiosity and curiosity of your subordinates.
27. Don't Be a Perfectionist
Leaders tend to drive their associates crazy when they are unwilling to accept very good but not perfect solutions to tough problems. Leaders must understand that perfection is seldom possible and that in many cases "the perfect is the enemy of the good."
28. Find an Anchor and Hold on to It in the Tough Times
I have been blessed with a number of wonderful anchors. My wife of more than 42 years has lifted me up when I was down and eased me down when I was sky high. My two adult children have been very helpful, especially when I was dealing with issues of integrity. A few other close friends have helped so many times when I was in great need of advice, comfort, solace, or support.
29. Leverage Opportunities
The best leaders leverage their time, their talents, their technology, and their friends. In fact, if you use leverage, many things you do will become easier and quicker. Let me give two personal examples. I am a
terrible typist, but I have a fast computer that allows me to crank out written material quickly. Also, I am blessed with the talent of speed reading. It has allowed me to get through my "in-box" quickly and get out with the troops as well as maintain a regular reading program of about four books per month.
30. Be a Servant Leader
Too many leaders serve their ambitions or their egos rather than their people. As I reflect on the marvelous leadership opportunities I have enjoyed, I realize that I spent most of my time serving the people who worked for me. Whenever they reached out to me for assistance, I tried to help them.

Shared with me by Major General Perry Smith, an American patriot.

All 60 Tips in a single document !!

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cat said...

Hey Captain!
The one that really dug deep for me was the "Don't be a Perfectionist". I'm a perfectionist to the highest degree, and I always have been, so it's a real challenge to overcome that when I need to. I've gotten scolded at work already, and nearly got in trouble at CAP because of perfectionism. I escaped that and instead got a long, much-needed lecture. I've been working on overcoming that and have so far done a lot better. Thanks for posting these, you have no idea how helpful they are for me. Cheers-