Thursday, July 31, 2008

30 Blazing Flashes of the Obvious - 2nd Edition - Next 5

6. Don't Neglect the Intangibles
Too many leaders focus all of their attention on what they can measure-sales numbers, quarterly reports, cash flow, stock price, etc. These leaders often neglect such vital intangibles as morale and esprit de corps.
7. Practice Forgiveness
Be willing to forgive those who make honest mistakes. Also, be sure to forgive yourself after you acknowledge the fact that you have made an error. Self-flagellation is not a good quality for a leader.
8. Scan the Environment Widely
Too many bosses are unwilling to look outside their own organization for fresh ideas. For instance, I have learned in the 15 years since I retired from the military that there is much that corporations can learn from the military and vice versa.
9. Don't Spend Too Much Time with the Malcontents
It only encourages them. Spend most of your time with those who are seriously contributing to the accomplishment of the mission.
10. Pick a Positive and a Negative Role Model
My positive role models have been GEN George Marshall and LtCol Jimmie Dyess, USMCR. Whenever I face a big decision, I ask myself what would Marshall and Dyess have done in the same situation. Conversely, I use Robert Strange McNamara as my negative role model. A man who was arrogant, incompetent as a military strategist, and fundamentally unethical, McNamara has helped me decide what not to do at many decision points in my life.

Shared with me by Major General Perry Smith, an American patriot.

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