Saturday, July 5, 2008

Admiral James Stavridis: Think, Read, Write and Publish

Admiral Dahlgren's published works preceded Admiral Staviridis' admonition by more than 150 years. But these two leaders would have been fast friends (in my opinion). If one doesn't share their experiences through the written word, those experiences are soon forgotten.

Admiral Dahlgren was a man of great personal bravery, dignified in manner, and of exemplary character. He published many scientific works on ordnance, which have been used as Textbooks in the navy. They include "Thirty-two-pounder Practice for Rangers" (1850): "System of Boat-Armament in the U. S. Navy" (1852 ; French translation, 1855); "Naval Percussion Locks and Primers" (1852); "Ordnance Memoranda" (1853); "Shells and Shell-Guns," explaining his own sys-tern(1856); and various reports on ordnance, armored vessels, and coast defenses. After his death appeared "Notes on Maritime and International Law," with a preface by his widow, indicating the plan of an uncompleted work (Boston, 1877). See " Memoir of John A. Dahlgren," by his widow (Boston, 1882).

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