Monday, July 14, 2008

A drink and chit-chat at the Army & Navy Club

Spry and trim, William Daniel Leahy, belies his 61 years, but the seams in his face are eloquent of years at sea. Navy men who admire his prodigious physical endurance swear that they are not exaggerating when they tell how he once stayed on his bridge for six weeks during fleet maneuvers, relaxing only to take short catnaps. When he takes over his new office he will be no stranger to Washington. He maintains a residence there, has gone there whenever his duties would permit. In Washington he is not active socially but he likes to go for drink and chit-chat to the swank Army & Navy Club or Chevy Chase Country Club.

Written about the incoming Chief of Naval Operations (1937-1939) in TIME Magazine in 1937

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