Tuesday, July 8, 2008

5500 additional years of service

It was standing room only Saturday at the Al Faw Palace in Baghdad as 1,215 service members raised their right hands in an unprecedented mass reenlistment ceremony.

The service members were brought to Camp Victory from forward operating bases and camps all over Iraq, according to a Multi-National Force-Iraq news release, which stated that it was the largest re-enlistment ceremony to take place since the all-volunteer force began in 1973.

MNF-I commanding general Gen. David Petraeus read the oath at the ceremony for the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors.

“Volunteering to continue to serve our nation, while deployed … is both noble and inspiring,” Petraeus said in the release. “It is, as award citations often state, in keeping with the finest traditions of our military services.”

The joint re-enlistment represents more than 5,500 years of combined additional service in uniform.

From the Navy Times

No doubt, those who serve understand the value of their service and their sacrifice. Their nation has called them to service and they never fail to answer the clarion's call.

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