Friday, July 11, 2008

Captain Edward Preble - founder of the Navy

Sometimes called the true founder of the American Navy, Commodore Preble was keenly interested in his Bluejackets; their care and fair treatment attracted his full attention. Preble tried to draw his junior officers in and encouraged them to offer their ideas. He was generous in giving his subordinates due credit for their achievements. His fleet was singularly united in spirit and, through his leadership, he became the idol of his officers and men (they were happily called "Preble's Boys"). Preble taught his subordinates the need for absolute obedience, unyeilding courage, and 24-hour-a-day efficiency which have continued to be standards of the American Navy.

From Naval Orientation NAVPERS 16138-A (RESTRICTED) December 1948


Kimberly Granger said...

My mother , Dianne Christina Preble ( maiden name) recently told me of this man is our ancestor. My Grandfather was Merle Preble.... Mom has the family history book, which I'm going to be borrowing. I had no idea... and neither did Ancestry DNA.

Mike Lambert said...

Thanks for your note Kimberly.