Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The command triad is a myth

Thanks to Jeff Bacon.
The Navy's notion of a command triad is largely a myth.  The team of CO, XO and CMC (SEL) is important to the success of any Navy command.  There is no question that commands do significantly better when these three individuals operate as a team.  But is there really a 'command' triad? More than a small number of commands are operating without a cohesive team at the top.  Trying to run a command with a weak member of that group is devastating.  It's as difficult as trying to balance something atop a tree legged stool.

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Anonymous said...

I miss your blog, but I still visit hoping you have returned from retirement.

Anonymous said...


As an enlisted Sailor (Non CMC CT MCPO) I think the CMDCM has a largely minimized voice in the Command's overall mission. While, not always the case, the way the Navy has setup the CMC program in large; any CMDCM can lead any command is a contributing factor. Especially, in our community, the Cryptologic community, the CMC could be a huge value add to the CO as a very experienced and 'operational' voice for the way the command does it's mission, not just shoe shines and room inspections, if that CMC began life as a Cryptologist. If setup correctly, a NIOC Commanding Officer could always turn to his/her CMC and ask "what do you think" and he or she would know the answer comes from a career Cryptologist with, hopefully, lots of experience in our actual mission. I could write a book on this, but I'll just make this a short note.

BL - I think a close-loop CMC system for the IDC or IWC or whatever the current CNO wants to call it would benefit the force at large.

While I'm here, Since it's all "IW" now -- VADM Tighe please try not to overthink this one and just go back to Cryptologic Officer for the O's.

- MC