Monday, December 10, 2012


MCPON Michael Stevens is making "ZEROING IN ON EXCELLENCE" one of his primary focus areas.
PART 1  Zeroing in on Excellence  (LINK)

At our Leadership Mess Symposium in September, I mentioned that my refrain as MCPON will be Zeroing in on Excellence.  For me, that is about solidifying our lines of operation with three fundamental focus areas:
  • Developing Leaders
  • Good Order and Discipline
  • Controlling What We Own
PART 2 Controlling What We Own (LINK)

That said, there are many things that you and I do own and control, including Good Order & Discipline, technical training, maintenance/administrative production, and the execution of orders. We also have the ability to control much of our own lives by becoming and remaining physically, mentally, morally and spiritually sound.

PART 3 Developing Leaders (LINK)
We develop leaders through a combination of mentorship, practical experience and training. Do not downplay the acute impact you have in your routine daily interaction with enlisted and commissioned Sailors on how they ultimately evolve as leaders. It, more than any other element, sets the tone for exactly how singularly irreplaceable personal example is in building bold, accountable, confident leadership.

PART 4 Good Order and Discipline (LINK)

Very few things have a greater impact on warfighting readiness and our ability to accomplish mission than Good Order & Discipline. Good Order & Discipline is something difficult to define but easy to sense. To me, it is about establishing, sustaining and enforcing professional standards that set the condition for individual and unit success. Anything that interferes with or detracts from those conditions is contrary to Good Order & Discipline.

A nice package in PDF format is available HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

It makes an old Sailor like myself feel good to have Sailors of today; CNO Adm. Greenert, and MCPON Stevens say the things that I always felt should be the priority of any Sailor when he/she enlists or is commissioned to serve in the Navy. It is a great responsibility to carry out ones obligations to defend and protect the Constitution and in my opinion the method of doing that requires following the guidelines that have been presented by CNO and MCPON; warfighting first, operating forward, and being ready.

Very Respectfully,