Monday, August 13, 2012

The Navy's Moral Compass - Askew

Nice article by Captain Mark Light HERE.  The CNO's Charge of Command is HERE.  With regard to the CO of USS PITTSBURGH, the Submarine Squadron Commander, Captain Vernon Parks personally reviewed the CNO's Charge of Command with Commander Ward.  Perhaps Commander Ward thought past offenses were not covered by the Charge of Command and he intended to comply fully upon assumption of command?

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Anonymous said...

The individual alone is morally responsible for everything he does. I am actually encouraged that the institutional Navy takes out the trash when necessary, and strives to lessen the instance of morally challenged commanders. Command titivation is a good thing indeed, a healthy sign that the rule of law prevails. Worry when illegal, immoral, outrageous behavior is ignored and unpunished by naval authorities as it is at high levels of political and corporate governance. When you see that, you see the rule of man, not the rule of law in effect.