Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Don'ts for junior officers

Don't take a man to task in front of his juniors.  It humiliates him and arouses a feeling of resentment.  Censure in private.

Don't criticize the orders given to your division.

Don't criticize or belittle your ship, the Skipper, or any of the officers, ever.

Don't permit juniors to make such criticisms in your presence.  Teach them, as well as yourself, if you don't like something, to work hard to improve it.  Don't tear down.  Build up.

Don't use filthy or obscene language.  Don't let men use it in your presence.  People who use such language simply prove that they are unable to express themselves otherwise.

RADM Harley Cope (USNA '20)
July 1951

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Matt Cegelske said...

Classic advice which continues to prove timeless!

VR/Matt Cegelske