Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 RADM James S. McFarland NJROTC Scholarship Award Winners

Three Bloomfield Indiana High School Naval Junior ROTC cadets earned $2000.00 in Rear Admiral James S. McFarland NJROTC scholarships in 2012.  Christian Chumley, Zachariah Query and Eric Stewart were selected by a group of active duty and retired cryptologists for this scholarship based on their handwritten essays about their experiences as NJROTC cadets.  LCDR Frank Starr (a retired 1610) is the Senior Naval Science Instructor at Bloomfield High School.  His cadets in Kentucky, Alabama and Indiana have been the recipients of the RADM McFarland NJROTC Scholarships since 2005.  Normally, $1000.00 is awarded each year.  In 2012, RADM Andy M. Singer generously contributed an unsolicited additional $1000.00 for this scholarship award. 

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Bryan Lopez said...

Very admirable of the Admirals. Are these scholarships open to all NJROTC units?