Friday, August 3, 2012

Required reading by Naval Officers

Some light reading for your weekend.  This is extracted from the Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy (SORN) OPNAVINST 3120.32 of 16 July 2012.

5.1.47 REQUIRED READING BY OFFICERS. Within a reasonable period of time after reporting for duty in a unit (as determined by the executive officer), officers shall read the following publications and report orally to the executive officer (via chain of command) that such has been completed. Further, they shall read semi-annually the publications preceded by an asterisk (*) and refer frequently to the other publications listed, plus any/all available publications relative to outstanding performance as a naval officer.
a. U.S. Navy Regulations 1990.
b. OPNAVINST 3120.32 (series), Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy.  HERE.
*c. Department Organization and Instructions (for department to which assigned).
*d. Effective executive officer's memoranda.
e. Officer of the Deck Order Book.
f. SECNAVINST 5510.36 (series), Department of the Navy (DON) Information Security Program Instruction. HERE.
g. SECNAV M-5510.30 (series), Department of the Navy (DON) Personnel Security Program (PSP) Instruction. HERE.
h. 10 USC Chapter 47 - Uniform Code of Military Justice.  HERE.
*i. DoD 5500.07-R, Joint Ethics Regulations.  HERE.


DDG LT said...

I was not aware of this requirement. Thank you Captain.

CWO4 Brian L. Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

I remember Capt Ed Williamson having us do this. He had us read it and initial a cover sheet when we checked in and then every 6 months thereafter.
Although it's on a NY Times best seller listing, I learned quite a bit.