Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leading with an open (but not bleeding) heart

Michael Hyatt over at Intentional Leadership shares the following...

The most important thing you can do as a leader is to keep your heart open. What do I mean? Think of it this way. When your heart is closed:
  • You are distant and aloof.
  • You don’t connect to people.
  • Communication shuts down.
  • You leave people to fend for themselves.
  • You focus on what people are doing wrong.
  • You are critical and demanding.
  • People feel oppressed.
The result? Possibility dries up and the organization begins to die.
Conversely, when your heart is open:
  • You are fully present and accessible.
  • You connect to people.
  • Communication is wide open.
  • You are a resource to your people.
  • You may focus on what is missing, but not on who is wrong.
  • You are affirming and encouraging.
  • People feel free.
The result? Possibility flows through the organization and the organization grows and develops.

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