Saturday, August 4, 2012

First real update since 1994 in the SORN - Duties of the Information Warfare Officer

a. GENERAL DUTIES. The IWO is responsible for operating and maintaining cryptologic systems and related spaces, and providing combat information to CIC.
The IWO conducts full spectrum cyberspace operations including elements of defensive cyberspace operations (DCO) and offensive cyberspace operations (OCO) in the form of operational fires through the electromagnetic spectrum as directed.
b. SPECIFIC DUTIES. Advise and assist the Operations officer in planning for the employment of cryptologic systems. Conduct ship cryptologic intercept operations and when directed, coordinate intercept operations between units. Develop combat information from cryptologic intercept. Provide information to support intelligence requirements and objectives identified by or levied on the command. Operate and maintain special security communications circuits. Establish necessary access and employ cyberspace related cryptologic and electronic warfare systems to conduct DCO and OCO.
c. ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. The information warfare officer reports to the intelligence officer (CVN) or operations officer (CRUDES).


Steve said...

It would be advantageous to the 1630 community and mutually beneficial to the ship's sensor team if the CVN Intel Officer received a course of instruction, appropriately classified, in the capabilities and challenges facing the IW division. For that matter, the course ought to be developded so as to have it fulfill a part of an officer's Joint Duty qualification. Steve Myers

Curtis said...

Are they mandated to be the primary COMSEC custodian on the ships that have them or do they just do that job for their own account in the SSES spaces?