Monday, October 31, 2011

CNO Strategic Studies Group - XXXI is looking at Warfighting in the Complex Electromagnetic Environment

The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Strategic Studies Group (SSG) generates revolutionary naval warfare concepts. Revolutionary implies that the concepts would upset the existing order. Therefore, these concepts are non-consensual. The SSG focuses its efforts on warfighting concepts that appear to have great potential, but Navy organizations are currently not pursuing. In conducting this mission, the SSG is at the leading edge of the Conceptualization Phase of the Process for Naval Warfare Innovation.

Revolutionary innovation has been the key to U.S. naval supremacy. A key to past, successful innovations was the iteration of thought between operators, technologists and analysts. The operator brought "unarticulated requirements" to the table. The technologist brought emerging and existing technologies. Analysis blended the two. Only after considerable iteration did new thinking, combining the unarticulated requirement and technology, result in what became major naval warfare innovations.

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