Monday, October 10, 2011

What our schools must do

There are three things a school must do:
  • First, it must transmit to the pupil a substantial body of knowledge; 
  • Second, it must develop in him the necessary intellectual skill to apply this knowledge to the problems he will encounter in adult life; and 
  • Third, it must inculcate in him the habit of judging issues on the basis of verified fact and logical reasoning.
Admiral Chiam G. Rikower


LCDRLDO/6440 said...

"judging issues on the basis of verified fact and logical reasoning."

IMHO, one can learn how to verify facts. Logical reasoning is in your DNA. Just look around.

Sean Heritage said...

What is taught is not nearly as important as what is learned. Most schools don't even attempt to accomplish points two and three (which is probably the Admiral's point) and we certainly don't do that in the world of SOPs in which we live. I believe the onus for learning is on the student and leaders must condition those under our charge to fully develop logic and reason by helping them to see beyond the "Follow REF A World" we seem to continually re-enforce. Wish I got that earlier in life (instead of choosing the path of least resistance), I'd be better off...

Anonymous said...

Sean Heritage, CO,

Having lived in the world of SOP’s for many years I found their advantage to be particularly valuable to the Navy in many areas. There has always been a method by which the SOP could be altered if it was determined to be lacking in the most proper procedure or operation. It is a guide that has allowed us to do things in an accepted manner, which is good for the average human being, how many times in your educational life has your instructor or teacher told you in precise terms just exactly what you were required to learn in their course of instruction? It is hoped that people that have been encouraged to use rational and deductive thought will find the weaknesses and faults in that SOP and make it continually more adaptable to do the required operations. It is the responsibility of seniors to evaluate what their subordinates are doing to constantly review and make recommended alterations to SOP’s.

Very Respectfully,