Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Guy on The Mat
“Wrestling is a terrific sport. It requires discipline and application. Success results from a great deal of individual hard work, which is a good lesson, regardless of the field of activity. I can’t think of anything I would change from my high school and college years. Back in those days, the development of the sport of wrestling was far from what it is today. Today wrestling programs are much more rigorous and the coaching greatly advanced. As a result, competition today is considerably greater, which makes all competitors better.”

“I suppose the toughest wrestler I wrestled was Tom Evans of Oklahoma in 1956. He was, as I recall, second in the Olympics in 1952.”

“Wrestling has made a big difference in my life. You don’t do something for that many years – four years in high school, four years in college, three-plus years in the Navy, and a year or two after I left the Navy in the AAU and YMCA tournaments – and not have it have a big impact on your life."

Donald Rumsfeld
All American

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