Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is about one thousand times better than "A Global Force For Good"

Just in time for the Navy's 236th Birthday tomorrow.


Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

We're just missing the one for 'innovation'. Great job Navy Public Affairs/CHINFO.

SCOOP DECK said...

The new chief of naval operations, Adm. Jon Greenert, wasted no time in addressing sailors. Appearing in a YouTube video posted right after he relieved Adm. Gary Roughead of command, the new CNO laid out a few principles of his leadership:

* Warfighting first. “That’s our craft. We’ve got to be good at it.”

* Operate forward. Sailors are best when they’re all over the world.

* Readiness. It’s always important.

* Bring innovation, diversity and dedication — it’s what makes the fleet sharp.

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME !!

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I view it as a good sign when the priorities are listed in this manner. First things first.

Very Respectfully,